This Ideal Time Chart To Eat Meals Will Help You Lose Your Weight


Slender and flexible body is always desirable. Dieting, gymming and exercising can surely help you in losing weight but eating at the appropriate time can maximize calorie burning and keep the cravings for food at bay.
If you’re serious about weight loss, follow this time routine for taking your meal and lose weight effectively and efficiently.

Have your breakfast within an hour of waking up.

It’s always said, “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper.”
Breakfast is the most important meal which should never be skipped. It’s the ideal time to break the fasting period between last night’s meal and the morning. Delaying breakfast can obstruct your weight loss by multiplying hunger pangs and increase your calories intake during rest of the day.

This breakfast chart will surely help you in preparing your diet chart.


Keep a gap of 4 hours between lunch and breakfast.

The optimal time to take lunch is 1:00 PM. Make sure you don’t delay your lunch time as it will give you cravings for unhealthy and fatty food due to drop in the sugar levels of the body

This chart can help you to decide your lunch menu.


Have your dinner at least three hours before you sleep.

There should be enough time for the food to digest. Eating too close to bedtime will enhance the blood sugar and insulin level in the body and will hamper the natural calorie-burning benefits of night sleep.

The ideal dinner chart.


Follow this time routine and lose your weight!



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