These Animals With Down Syndrome Are Simply Overloaded With Cuteness


Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that was identified in the year 1862. The people suffering from down syndrome often have both physical and intellectual disabilities that expose them to other health troubles such as weak immune system, epilepsy, leukaemia and many other risks.
You’d be shocked to know that this disorder isn’t limited to just humans, many animal species also have to cope with it. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not adorable just the same.
These are a few pictures of animals that have down syndrome that would totally put you in awe of their beauty and cuteness.

Otto the kitten, with its beautiful eyes!

As you can see that Otto’s eyes are a little more distant than normal, which is the most common physical feature in down syndrome patients.

A friendly white whale!

This whale was diagnosed with down syndrome after it was seen interacting with humans, which is a little odd for a whale.

This lovely horse!

Even horses get this disease. This horse still manages to capture a lot of attention for its cuteness.

That is one cute monkey!

This monkey looks totally different from the other monkeys, but still looks much cuter.

A sheep that’s unique compared to the rest of the herd.

You can differentiate this sheep from its flock very easily!

A goofy donkey!

Although this donkey looks just as goofy as the one in Shrek, he is also suffering from the genetic illness.

These adorable giraffes!

The changes in these giraffes’ faces are quite easy to spot, anyone can tell that they are suffering from down syndrome.

Kenny, the majestic white tiger.

Kenny was a really beautiful white tiger with blue eyes, but he died of cancer in 2008 after living a couple of years with down syndrome.

A white & wise looking gorilla.

Look how wise this gorilla looks with that expression!

A lion that’s not completely terrifying.

This lion looks like it won’t immediately pouce on you as you approach it, which is a bit reassuring at the least.

A koala that looks like it’s having fun!

The animals such as this koala act a little slower than the animals that don’t have down syndrome.

Look at the cute little hamster!

The behaviour pattern of these animals is found to be more ‘interesting’ than that of genetically normals animals.

And a cute doggy!

This dog is still protective of its family in his own way.

This funny little bear.

You can tell from this bear’s eyes and mouth that he too is suffering, even though it doesn’t show because of its antics.


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