Mutant Piglet With ‘Elephant Trunk’ Will Now Be Used For Scientific Research


Li’s pig farm, which is in Bengbu City in East China’s Anhui Province, is used to welcome newborn piglets since a very long time, but Li has never seen a piglet quite like this before.
When a female pig gave birth to 20 piglets in his farm, the Chinese farmer Li did what he always does and took care of the piglets. What he didn’t expect was a piglet that not only looked hairless but also had a trunk like an elephant.
Although the piglet didn’t make it, this is what went on after he was born…

The piglet stood out immediately to the caretaker.

According to the sources, the man was quoted, “The piglet was very noticeable firstly because it did not have a single hair on its body, and secondly because it had a nose like an elephant trunk.”

The ‘alien-like’ piglet sent people into frenzy

People were seen waiting to get a closer look at the piglet, once the news reached their ears.

There were 19 other piglets with him.

The other piglets were perfectly fine after their birth and enjoyed their first meal merrily.

He died within two hours of his birth.

The mutant piglet couldn’t survive for long, while the other piglets didn’t seem to have any troubles.

Had he somehow survived…

It would’ve proved extremely challenging and painful for him.

The reasons behind the ‘mutation’ are unclear.

But according to the director of the park zoo, the mutation could have happened as a result of one of many external factors

On the topic of the piglet having the elephant trunk…

Guo Boayong, director of the local Zhanggongshan Park Zoo, clarified that the piglet does not have an elephant trunk, he simply suffered a mutation while developing inside the sow.

He’ll be donated for scientific study.

To further analyse the reasons for the genetic mutation and the factors that could’ve contributed to it, the piglet’s body would be given away to the researchers.


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