Figure Out Who Will Be Knocked Off; It’s Not Easy Though


We get excited and curious when we come across a puzzle or a riddle. But what purpose do all these serve to us in actual? Just a refreshment or killing time?
No. Certainly not. Apart from offering you with a little fun time, these conundrums possess the ability to train your brain and check your potential to cope up with stress. So, do not jump on to the solution without giving it enough thought.
Let’s start with our very new brain-teaser.

The riddle does not involve a simple brain test, but it is based on logical reasoning.


Who will be knocked off?


It’s not tough but requires a little more time than you think.


Have a look at the image once again before we proceed to the answer.


Scroll down to know the explanation.

On rolling the ball, D will be hit on his head, C will be slammed by the spikes. When the ball rolls onto the swing, B will be hit by the counterweight ball being thrown off the swing and forward.

There you go… I know it was easy.

So, how would you rate yourself after solving this?


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