Couple Adopts Newborn But When Dad Meets The Birth Giving Mom, He Realises Something He Never Hoped


Walt and Annie Manis were childhood sweethearts, and they always knew they would start a family together. The couple desperately wanted a little girl, but when Annie had trouble getting pregnant, they were discouraged and lost their faith. Adopting a little girl gave them the shocking realisation that God was ready to give them everything they ever asked for, and the miracle they receive is amazing!

Walt Manis

Walt Manis had a gut feeling from a very young age that he was destined to have a daughter. He had a vision of a girl with dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. Her name would be Chloe.

Walt And Annie Had A Strong Connection Since Childhood

Walt moved into Annie’s neighborhood as a young child and they became close friends. Annie always thought Walt was the one, and they did end up together as she always hoped.

The Couple Realised It Was In Their Fate

One day, the couple spoke about what they wanted in the future. Both Annie and Walt wanted a girl, and miraculously, they both wanted to name their daughter Chloe. It was an amazing coincidence, and the couple knew that God had a plan for them.

Walt And Annie Lived A Life Of Adventure And Discovery

The couple enjoyed traveling the world, and they weren’t ready to start a family just yet. Once the two were ready to settle down and try to get pregnant, everything came to a halt. Four years had gone by, and Annie was still not pregnant.

The Couple’s Faith Was Being Tested

The couple became extremely discouraged. Why wasn’t their dream of becoming parents becoming a reality? Walt didn’t understand why he wasn’t being granted his daughter Chloe, the daughter that God had promised him. Annie believed their path was taking them in a different direction.

Annie Thought Adoption Was The Way To Go

Annie suggested adoption, and immediately Walt resisted. He then realized that maybe God’s plan didn’t involve a biological child, but one the couple would adopt. The process was long and the couple grew impatient, but one day Annie received an email. They would be adopting a baby girl.

Walt Couldn’t Believe His Eyes

Annie and Walt were on their way to meet the birth mother. The woman opened the door, and Walt was shocked. It looked exactly like an adult version of the baby Chloe he had in his head since he was a child. The woman also revealed another shocking surprise: she wanted to name the child Chloe.

Chloe Was Finally Born

Walt laid his eyes on Chloe, and he knew she was meant to be his child. Annie and Walt couldn’t be happier with God’s gift to them, and Walt realized God kept his promise all along. The couple’s story touched many people around them, and it renewed the faith of those looking for God’s good in the world.


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