17 Genius Hacks That Will Make Your Summer Super Awesome


With global warming contributing to making our lives hot as hell, let me help you with becoming capable of fighting the scorching summer this 2017.
Don’t worry about finding the ways to get rid of summer or for that matter, stick to your couch and not step out. What you’re about to read are 17 things you can do to conquer the problems you’ve been facing because of high temperature since years.
Remember, the best ones which you probably don’t know are listed at the last, just for you.
And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to tame that Summer Heat.

1. Hang on to that bottle!

Summer time is that time of the year when you dehydrate the most. So keep calm and hydrate!
Even while sleeping. In order to have a sound sleep in summer, always have a bottle/glass of water on your bedside for you to stay hydrated all night. This will help in keeping your sleep cycle intact by not waking up and going all the way to your kitchen.

2. Keep it at 23-degree celsius!

One of the prime concerns which come along with summer is the power usage which costs you dearly. To avoid some of it; keep the A/C at 23-degree celsius! and spend your Summer comfortably.
We all want to press that button as soon as we enter our cars or home, but sudden temperature changes will have adverse effects on our health. *something parents have always said, but we never listened*

3. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs.

These days are not exactly meant for you to stroll on the streets or anywhere you like. Keep your adventure self at bay and enjoy that mojito while waiting for the monsoon to arrive.

4. Wear a cap.

Just like your clothes, wearing a cap outside is a must. You cannot stay inside for the whole summer now, can you?

5. Linen clothing.

Shopping time, it is. Don’t wait for discounts to come by, clothes made of linen work best for you in summers.
Even after taking corrective measure, you don’t want your feet to smell or your beloved footwear to get damaged because of all that sweat; always wear cotton socks.

6. Multiple layers is a big NO!

When talking about heat, try to be minimal while wearing apparels. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own skin.
Also stay sweat proof with a variety of clothing now available in the market, don’t skip on buying the kind which will act as your aide during summers.

7. Leather’s not an option.

Try not to flaunt your expensive collection at this point of time. From direct light damaging your leather apparel texture to all the sweat you lose, it will severely damage its quality.
For those who don’t want to hassle much, just wear flip flops or sandals for the season to avoid the aforementioned footwear related problems.

8. Keep them together.

Hair turns out to be the most exposed part of our body to sun’s rays which is also irritating. Try and tie them in a bun or cut them short (for the men out there).

9. Beach wear.

Nowadays, professionals have started to wear casuals at work. The same applies to all, try and wear light clothes similar to beach wear for more air flow around your body.

10. Sunscreen.

Before opting for wearing beach wear or similar kind of clothes all day, make sure you apply sunscreen all over your body. It will take no time in becoming a patchwork of an artist – The Sun.

11. Use deodorants.

Try and forget all those Gas – No Gas commercials and focus on what it helps you to achieve. It will assist your body in maintaining a marginal lower temperature.

12. Shower before sleep.

You can opt to do it for the entire year but showering before sleeping in the summertime helps you to sleep better. It helps in cooling off your body and also acts as a catalyser for a sound sleep.
Not to forget the oily face, try regularly splashing your face with water which will help you avoid pimples and other skin related problems.

13. Sleep naked.

Yes, you read that correct. Among other benefits, with nothing on your body, the temperature will drop slightly for your sleep.

14. Commute early.

With more flexible timings being provided by firms, try and reach office as early as possible. It will help you in escaping the heat which you encounter at your usual time.

15. Restrain from drinking chilled water.

Drinking a glass of chilled water raises your metabolism rate which in turn makes you feel even hotter than before.

16. Keep the diet light.

Just like your backpack with fewer items in it, keep your belly also light. You’ll be more comfortable in carrying yourself.

17. Better to avoid piercings.

When you opt for penetrations of all sorts in your body, it requires a lot of attention with care and precautions like not bathing for a few days. So, isn’t it better to avoid piercings during summer?

So, what are you thinking?



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