11 Crazy Things Only 90’s Students Can Relate To


If you are a 90’s kid, this is so for you. School life is the best phase of life, we make lifetime friends, we cry, we love, we fail, we cheat, and in the end, we all miss school and could only pray to live the same life again.
There are tons of moments from our school days which live with us for a lifetime. But some moments are the ones we all experience and have lived.
So, today, I am going over the most popular school life moments that we all lived!

1. That freakin hurts.

If this never happened to you then go and find some good friends.

2. Pen fight.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but we used them for fights too.

3. Rubber fight.

A rubber shot literally hurts more than a bullet.

4. Scratch war.

Revenge is the most necessary thing in life if even when your friend marks dots on your notebook.

5. Gulping food during a lecture.

If you have ever done this, you are AWESOME.

6. Always hands-up.

Even if you don’t know the answer, you have to act like you do.

7. Use phone like a pro.

Can I type super fast without even looking at my Nokia 3310. Pro? Yes, I can.

8. B00b on calculator.

The only 18+, I did in my whole school-life.

9. Ah. It hurts.

It hurts, but still sounds better than Justin Bieber.

10. When your teacher makes you sit with a girl.

Okay, now I know it was not a punishment.

11. Pythagorean theorem.

My whole school life was a lie.


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