10 Crucial Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life


You never know what is coming next and when you could get yourself into grave danger, because accidents happen, right? It is best that you are better prepared for it.
The more you are prepared, the better your chances of survival.
These survival hacks are not just survival hacks, they are very helpful in your daily life too.

1. Batteries.

Always carry a set of extra batteries with you on every trip. Is this a hack? No. But if you want to fit in AAA size batteries into an AA battery slot, you can do it with Aluminum foil. Just place the battery and fill the upside or downside gap with the foil, a foil is a conductor of electricity so it will allow the flow of energy.

2. Cigratte knife.

The filter part of the cigarette can be used as a knife; this can be dangerous. But in this case, it is a pure hack, just fire the end part of the filter and give it a sharp edge shape, once it cools down, your knife is ready.

3. Pure water.

Water is a necessity, and if you find yourself in a condition where you can’t find fresh or pure water, just use a cloth to take the dirt and harmful bacteria from the water. Though the water gained will not be 100% safe, but still, it is drinkable in a case survival.

4. Locked car.

If you ever find yourself in a locked car and want to get out as soon as possible then just break the window with a sharp thing, in case a sharp object is not available use your hand and punch the window with all your force in a particular spot.

5. Emergency charge.

If you are stuck on a stranded road with a non-functional car, and a dead phone, then you might need to call 911 or someone for help. Just place the car charger at positive end and the key on the negative end. This might not be able to give you a full charge, but you are covered for a few emergency calls.

6. Rope escape.

If you are tied up with a rope, just apply the full force of your muscles of both hands to the opposite direction. Once the rope is relaxed you will be able to swoop out your hands.

7. Snacks to light up fire.

If you are in dire need of fire or light, you can use snacks to light up the fire. While they’re processed, snacks are soaked in oil, this makes them light up for a long time.

8. Key as knife.

If you are attacked, and you need to defend yourself, use the sharp edge of the keys to defend yourself.

9. Emergency cash.

You never know when you may need some emergency cash, always keep a few currency bills in your phone’s cover. You can also swoop in your identity card.

10. Crayon as a candle.

You can use crayons as candles, crayons are made up of wax, which is a good fire fuel.


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