Wife Cries When Balloon Store Ruins Gender Reveal, Then Husband Finds This…


Gender reveals are supposed to be the best time for a couple expecting a baby. Not just for them but for the entire family. That does bring everyone together, doesn’t it?
While we have seen a lot of videos of gender reveal parties turning emotional and teary for the couple, there are some that go entirely wrong. Yes, there was this one video that I came across lately, and it gave me a little laff. Let’s get that story started.

Joe and Leela invited their friends and family to their Minnesota home.


They were all ready to reveal their baby’s gender, and this happened.


There were a couple of colourful balloons.


They were left in shock without a clue where the revealing card had been placed.


Later did they find out that the card was hidden inside the flap of the box.

There is a happy and an adorable end to this story. After they had discovered the card, their family brought in a new box for the revealing party.

It’s a boy, the balloons said.


Watch them share a laff with their family here in the video!


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