This Dog Was Drowning In A Frozen Lake When A Man Put His Life At Risk To Help Him


Dogs are curious creatures, which can sometimes get them into some sort of trouble. This Reddit user’s dog fell into a frozen lake, and his brother bravely went to the pup’s rescue. The entire ordeal will leave you in suspense, and this heroic deed definitely does not go off without a hitch.
#6 will have you on the edge of your seat!

#1 Winter Has Its Fair Share Of Dangers

There is the threat of frostbite or contracting the flu, and there is the warming of unsafe lakes and bodies of water covered in ice. No matter how strong the ice looks, there is always a chance it may crack.

#2 One Reddit User Knows This All Too Well

Reddit user ‘Robsmaze’ watched in horror as his dog Copper fell through a frozen lake. His brother Colin bravely went after the dog, and he recorded his brother’s entire rescue mission.

#3 Colin Starts By Sliding Across The Ice

Colin starts to slide across the ice on his stomach, with nothing but a pair of shorts on. You can see Copper in the background flailing about, waiting for help to arrive.

#4 The Man Is So Close To Saving The Dog

Colin gets right up to the dog safely, and you can see the anticipation in Copper’s eyes. It seems as if this rescue will be almost effortless.

#5 Colin Attempts To Grab Copper

You can see Colin attempt to hold on to the dog and try to pull him out of the water. Unfortunately, the ice wasn’t strong enough to hold so much weight and motion.

#6 The Ice Collapses Around Colin

Colin falls through the layer of ice and into the freezing water. Now both Colin and Copper the dog are in the same boat, but Colin doesn’t plan on giving up.

#7 Colin Tries To Get Back Up

The man tries to pull himself back on top of the ice, with Copper trying to hold onto him for dear life.

#8 Colin Continues To Push Towards The Shore

Colin tries to get back on top of the ice multiple times, but with no success. He then keeps pushing through the ice towards the shore with the pup in tow.

#9 The Man And His Furry Friend Finally Make It To Land

Copper the dog leads the way, and you can see on Colin’s face how frozen his body feels. Luckily the two make it to safety

#10 The Family Of Onlookers Greet The Tired Pup

Colin’s brother and family greet the two as they make it to shore. Copper trots off into the distance, and it’s safe to say he has learned his lesson when it comes to being on thin ice.


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