A 2,500-Year-Old City Discovered In Greece, Can You Believe It?


Greece is a European country which is famous for the great philosophers, lawyers, poets and scientists. This is the country where democracy began. Read on to get an insight into the discovery of a 2,500-year-old city that has been discovered from a group of researchers from different universities.
The students doing the research were surprised as to how come no one had discovered the city. One of them said, “A colleague and I came across the site in connection with another project last year, and we realised the great potential right away. The fact that nobody has ever explored the hill before is a mystery.”
Let’s know more about it.

Greece, the country where a 2,500-year-old city has been discovered.

Greece is the country to gift the world the Olympic Games.

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The researchers of this university had begun exploring the ruins of the 2,500-year-old city. The discovery is being carried out at a village called, Vlochos, which is around 300km north of Athens.

An aerial view of the Vlochos, Palamas.

Archaeologists from Greece, Sweden and the UK did the research. The region is near Thessaly. Also, the archaeological remains were found near a hill in the village. They are found to be dating to past historical records.

The city looks absolutely absorbed in clouds.

A student, Robin Ronnlund, from the university, said- “What used to be considered remains of some irrelevant settlement on a hill can now be upgraded to remains of a city of higher significance than previously thought, and this after only one season.”

This fragment of 6th century BC red-figure pottery was also found in the research.

This happened during the first two weeks of their field work in September 2016. The research discovered that the city is believed to have been set up in the fourth to third century BC. Moreover, it was discovered that it was abandoned due to the Roman conquest of the area.

BirdEye view of the city

The fortress walls, towers and city gates are so clear. The aim of the researchers is to avoid excavation and use the method of ground-penetrating radar, in order to keep the shape of the site intact.

Greece is a beautiful country. The beaches of this nation are loved by the travellers.

The most talked about the place is Santorini, which is the favourite destination for couples these days. Looking forward to some more great discoveries in Greece!


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