The Staff At A Restaurant Is Left Screaming After A Customer Makes An Unusual Delivery Request


A weird incident a few days ago in Dublin left the staff at a restaurant laughing hysterically. Want to know why? It was an unusual request made by a customer who placed an order for a pizza.
It was just a regular day when Firehouse Pizza got a call from a customer to place an order. It wasn’t out of the ordinary but later on, the customer requested for something extremely weird.
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Firehouse Pizza has been getting some weird requests.

A customer called late Thursday evening last week and asked the staff for a ‘create your own pizza’ order.

His order didn’t seem unusual at first.

He ordered a customized pizza with toppings of his choice. The staff genuinely obliged and took his order. But what was so shocking about his order?

He ordered some yummy toppings.

Some Cajun chicken, caramelized red onions, chorizo, sweetcorn and some sweet potato fries on the side. Of course, the order included coke as well. But that wasn’t even the weird part.

What he ordered along with the pizza was weird.

The guy requested the restaurant to bring him a roll of toilet paper along with his order.

YES.. Toilet paper!

No, I’m not kidding. For proof, one of the staff members at the restaurant shared the order invoice along with the ‘special request’ of their customer.

Do you wanna know if Firehouse Pizza complied?

Yes, they did!

It was surely a weird request.

The staff at Firehouse Pizza said that they’d experienced some unusual requests in the past, but this was surely the funniest one.


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