Ryan Reynolds’s Hilarious Tweets Prove That He Is The Real Deadpool In Real Life


Ryan Reynolds is known for a lot of things. And one of the most important things that he is popular for is his depiction of Deadpool. People loved how he played the character of Deadpool on the big screen, but what none of us were aware of was that he probably is a lot like the anti-hero in the real life as well.
And no, we don’t mean to say that he has super-healing powers and all. What we’re talking about is the quirky sense of humor that Deadpool is known to have, and going by Ryan’s recent tweets, the actor has it too!
And if you don’t believe us, just check out his tweets. Then, maybe, you’ll be able to judge the fact for yourself!

1. There are just too many forms in which despair reveals itself.

Well, as long you’re not doing drugs, any form of despair is fine.

2. See what we meant by the Deadpool style of humour?

Even you’re starting to see it, aren’t you?

3. She’ll get it when she grows up.

Pray she doesn’t look back and read these tweets, though!

4. The confusion is totally genuine.

And we don’t blame you for that.

5. The punchline is really in the end.

The best way to make a portrait of an imaginary muse, is to make the painting itself imaginary.

6. You know what else is hard?

Choosing the right place to leave the infant alone.

7. Way to hide the truth, Ryan.

No. Not really. That was just sarcasm!

8. You have so much to learn about the world.

And this time, try not to learn things from a TV show!

9. Ryan is definetely a master of satire.

Glad we got to know this side of you too.

10. That ought to do some real good.

Like, seriously! Someone do as he said.


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