Lion Attacks A Kid While The Mother Simply Laughs In The Terrifying Video


A live TV segment went wrong in so many ways when a lion lunged himself at a toddler. The incident took place during a Mexican TV show called Con Sello de Mujer. It all started when a juvenile lion accompanied by two trainers was brought onstage.
Things went in the wrong direction when the slight crying of the kid sets off the lion and he starts to come on to the kid.

Consequently, the kid started bawling uncontrollably which made it worse.

Instinctively, the mother stood up, keeping the kid out of the lion’s reach while the trainers tried to calm it down.

The trainers kept on telling the lion, “Relax, relax, relax. Don’t move, don’t move,” in Spanish.


Weirdly, the mother seemed to be laughing as the trainers led the animal off-stage.


Some people are saying that it maybe because the mother was in shock.


Let’s just hope that the baby is too young to remember the incident.


Watch the complete video below.


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