Harvard Expert Reveals What Dogs Dream About, And Dog Lovers Are Freaking Out!


Every time we sleep, we dream. Of course, most of us don’t remember most of our dreams, but research has concluded that human dreams are about things that we are emotionally close to. And from the few dreams that most of us can recollect, we do know that dreams often are a bit illogical. But humans aren’t the only ones who dream during sleep. Anyone who has a pet dog will know that when dogs sleep, they make chuckling noises and thrash around, almost as if they’re dreaming!
Dr Deirdre Barrett, a Clinical and Evolutionary Psychologist at Harvard Medical School, has confirmed the same during a Q&A session. But that’s not all he said. He also revealed what a dog dream is mostly about. And what he said has gotten dog lovers all around to go ‘aww!’ Wondering what it is that he might have said?
Well, scroll down to find out!

Every time we sleep, we dream!

Although we don’t remember most of them, it is a fact that we dream a lot during sleep.

Even dogs dream when they sleep…

How bad is it if your dog likes to sleep in your bed with you?
How bad is it if your dog likes to sleep in your bed with you?

People with pet dogs must have noticed their dog thrash around and make some noises during its sleep. Well, if you guessed that it was because your dog was dreaming, then you’re absolutely right!

Many people have wondered what dogs dream about…

And now, we have the answer, straight from a Harvard expert! It was during a Q&A by people that he explained a lot about the mechanics of sleep and dreams, and how that of humans and animals differed.

He started his explanation with human dreams…

sweet vanilla heaven
sweet vanilla heaven

He said that humans dream about things that they are emotionally attached to, although in a bit illogical manner.

And then he talked about dog dreams…

And it’s no wonder that his revelation has gotten all dog lovers to melt down!

All it took was one Q&A…

And every dog lover on the planet has absolutely gone wild!

This one is just too cute!

Twitter just can’t get enough of these adorable little animals!


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