Wife Sneaks On Sleeping Husband, Smashes A Cake In His Face To Reveal Something Surprising


Many of the YouTube users are already aware of the antics of Eric Meldik, the popular ViralBrothers channel. But you might not have realized that his wife Domisha is also quite a prankster herself. This clip will allow you to catch a glimpse of her in the fun while she reveals the gender of their baby.
In the video, Eric is sleeping peacefully and unaware of the events that are about to unfold. But one thing is certainly for sure: he will probably never sleep this peacefully around her.

Eric is sleeping peacefully while his wife is planning on a prank.


Eric is completely unaware of whatever his wife has planned for him.


As you can see, he is unaware of the events that are about to unfold.


When the video begins, we have the chance of watching Eric get a cake on his face.


The frosting inside the cake determines the gender of their baby.


Ah! It’s a boy!


Watch the video here:


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