27-Year-Old Becomes The First Woman To Visit 196 Countries In The World


Many of us want to travel to other countries, but this woman took things to a whole new level by deciding to visit every single country in the world.
A trip spanning 18 months and 26 days (which is almost half of the time taken by previous Guinness World Record holders) she has made her dreams become the reality of her life.
De Pecol named this voyage as, ‘Expedition 196’, which is almost entirely sponsored to promote ethical and eco-friendly tourism. Finally, after completing her tour, De Pecol has released her ten favourite destination pictures.

Meet Cassandra De Pecol

Cassandra De Pecol is a beautiful 27-year-old woman.

Her home is in Connecticut and she loves to travel.

#fbf to Angkor Wat

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Cassie De Pecol | Official (@cassiedepecol) στις

Seriously, you can say that she is addicted to travelling around the world.

Young and charming…

After a 1 hour and 15 minute fast paced uphill trek, I arrived at Paro Taktsang. The pilgrimage was like something out of Avatar, a dream to trek, through low hanging clouds with a harrowing drop at any given moment on either side. Prayer flags swayed through the pines, prayer wheels spinning in the breeze, and tsa-tsas (ashes of the dead) wedged between crevices of stone. Passing over a bridge and waterfall and up the last flight of stairs, I entered one of the chambers where I was completely alone. Tip-toeing past the glowing butter candles and sacred relics, I kneeled on a rug, cracked open an aged window and rested my head on the windowsill to reflect and admire the massive 2,000ft plunge into the vast Himalayan valley below, as clouds swiftly passed. Without my phone or camera equipment, I was able to consciously enjoy this moment in peace. 🏔 • • • #expedition196 #everycountryintheworld

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Cassie De Pecol | Official (@cassiedepecol) στις

She is still relatively young and has experienced so many cultures and seen so many sights till now.

Cassandra De Pecol wanted to be the fastest person ever to travel to all 196 countries.

It means that she has visited all of the sovereign states and to the new nations. Let’s have a look at her ten favourite destination pictures.

#1. Mongolia

De Pecol visited Mongolia, to engage in the prehistoric forest and to ride the untamed horses.

#2. Bhutan

The Hajj (to Paro Taktsang) was being out of Avatar, a desire to travel into low-hanging clouds with a frightening drop at any second on either side.

#3. Maldives

Visit Maldives to see amazing of the azure water, whitest sand and most remarkable sand banks in the world.

#4. Vanuatu, South Pacific

She was here to feel the method of how Kava is prepared and to meet some of the best people.

#5. Pakistan

De Pecol visited Pakistan for the true sense of Asian culture and for the food.

#6. Oman, Arabian Peninsula

To bury yourself in the wilderness and mountains, while learning from locals who live in the hills, it’s a whole unconventional lifestyle.

#7. Tunisia, North Africa

De Pecol in her statement has said: “the town of Sidi Bou Said (20km from Tunis, the capital) just blew me away.”

#8. Peru, South America

De Pecol has spent some time living in Peru. She enjoyed the Amazon Rainforest and Aguas Calientes.

#9. Costa Rica, Central America

The Monkeys, fresh fruits, soothing music and volcanoes… Do, I need to say further?

#10. The USA

It’s a saying, the house is where the heart is, and the more I explore this world, the more that’s becoming real to me.

Finally, check out her travel essentials!

Where to next? 🗞 • • • #Expedition196 #EveryCountryInTheWorld

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Cassie De Pecol | Official (@cassiedepecol) στις

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