11 Of The Deadliest Roads That We Wouldn’t Dare To Drive On


Trust me, there’s nothing like a road trip to lift the spirits – pleasing views, restful days, exploring new places. But maybe you are the kind of strange cookie who thinks that a tad boring. And maybe you prefer your inclusive views with a few scoops of hair-raising adrenaline.
Well, some roads are actually dangerous and driving on such roads is no less than like walking on a tight rope. These dangerous roads could test the patience of even the most seasoned drivers. And if you have already driven on such kind of roads that you truly deserve a medal.
Well, if not, then just think how would you have handled these crazy roads.
Check out the following dangerous yet adventurous roads that will make you hit the brakes.

1. Khardung La, India.

According to National Geographic, this is the tallest pass road in the world. You’d surely require watching for rockslides here.

2. Guoliang Tunnel, China.

This 1200-metre long tunnel is literally carved alongside and right through a mountain in China.

3. Dalton Highway, Alaska.

This is considered to be the snowiest and most isolated road in the world. And man, is it just cold? No, it’s hell freezing. Nobody wouldn’t want to get a flat tire by driving over here.

4. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan.

Japan’s crazy ‘roller coaster bridge’ Eshima Ohashi was built in this manner to ensure that the large ships could easily pass underneath.

5. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway.

Situated in Norway, the Atlantic Road is famous among tourists for all its breathtaking views. One needs to be highly careful of the ocean waves crashing up the sides of the road.

6. Zoji La, India.

Zoji La, a high mountain pass in Jammu and Kashmir, India, built to connect two regions of India i.e. Ladakh and Kashmir. This road is extremely rocky and narrow, and this makes it unsuitable for fitting vehicles and livestock altogether.

7. Hana, Hawaii.

This narrow-gauge road is situated on the island of Maui, United States. The unspoiled beauty of Hana is often restricted due to the place being vulnerable to landslides.

8. ‘Kolyma’, Russia.

Kolyma, nicknamed as ‘Death road’ is located in the Russian Far East. The first portion of the highway was constructed by the prisoners of the place. It looks pretty spooky.

9. Yungas Road, Bolivia.

This dangerous road is built right to the edge of a cliff and sadly, is responsible for many death rates in the world. It takes 200-300 lives a year (approx).

10. Le Passage du Gois, France.

This beautiful road is kept open only for few hours a day because when it’s closed, it gets completely submerged underwater. But no doubt, the view can leave anyone spellbound.

11. “Caucasus’ Road, Russia.

The Transcaucasian Highway may be one of the petrifying and narrow mountain roads, but the views are just out of the world.
Do you dare to visit any such road


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