12 Practical And Life-Changing Things To Do In 2017

2017 is right around the corner.


2017 is right around the corner. We’re already more than halfway done with November, leaving only December before we bid farewell to 2016. Now, a lot of things have certainly happened that won’t be forgotten, but a new year provides hope to every single one of us.

So before you become cynical and let 2017 pass by, let us suggest some easy yet significant things to do next year. After all, it’s not the end if you never give up. Read on!

1. Become more organized.


Instead of throwing your clothes on the bed once you arrive from school or work, why not properly put it in the laundry hamper? Likewise, remember to clean your place at least once a week. You’ll be surprised at just how nice it feels to take care of your things every once in a while.
In addition, don’t forget to have a planner so that you’ll know what to do each day.

2. Learn a new skill or language.


If you’ve already graduated from school, don’t let this fact stop you from learning more things. Why not try coding or painting?
You can even try to learn the French or Japanese language. What’s better is that all of these skills can help you land a job in the long run.

3. Read books.


Even if you’re not required to read, you should still read books. And if you’re always stuck in just one genre, why not try to explore other genres?
For example, you can move from young adult romance novels to non-fictional works such as biographies and historical works.

4. Accept failure.


2016 isn’t much of a great year. A lot of beloved people passed away, including Prince, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman. Likewise, events like Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency have made some people wary of their future. You might have also experienced something bad this year.
Well, it’s time to accept what happened and think of what you can do to successfully become better. Did you fail an exam or did you get fired? Study harder and work better.

5. Start letting go of things you don’t need.


Avoid clutter. If you don’t need that shirt, then donate it. If no one accepts it, throw it away. Likewise, stop spending too much if it doesn’t give you as much happiness as before. Learn to appreciate the simple things.

6. Get in shape.


It’s never too late to get fit. If you have the time, apply for a gym membership and get a trainer. Moreover, try to follow a proper diet. After all, we all need to be healthy all the time so we can function well in society.

7. Step away from the online world.


The online world can get pretty crazy at times. It seems like it’s all about death, lies, corruption, and negativity. Well, why not get out of your room and visit a nature park? Go read a book and play with your dogs.
Let your mind relax, even just for a little bit.

8. Write your thoughts.


We won’t always remember the things we do every single day. We might recall some parts, but we will never be able to capture the whole experience.
Thus, you should start writing down your thoughts and feelings so that you can come back to them in the future.

9. Travel and learn different cultures.


You don’t even need to go out of the country. Just visit another town or city and learn whatever you can from different sorts of people. Through this, your empathy and sympathy will definitely become better.

10. Form new habits.


We’re not referring to bad habits like drinking and smoking. What we’re suggesting is for you to find something new to do that will make your life better. How about biking or dancing? Try to get used to something that will help you become a happier and more satisfied person.

11. Let go negative people.


You don’t need that many people in your life. In fact, it has been observed that as you grow older, you will only be great friends with two other people. Do not wait for yourself to become old to let go of people who are ruining your life.

12. Become a volunteer.


Why not help others in need? If you’ve ever helped someone without getting something in return, you’d know how great it feels.
So, please consider becoming a volunteer for the organizations that need help.
What do you plan to do next year?


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