Waitress Got A Big LOL As Tip, What She Did Next Will Make You ROFL

As a customer, we sometimes don't get satisfied by the services of hotels and restaurants.


As a customer, we sometimes don’t get satisfied by the services of hotels and restaurants. Situations in which we have to wait or our order is delayed, that annoy us to the great extent. But have you ever thought that the we are not supposed to blame any one for that.

Something wrong happened with the customer in New Jersey and the customer ended cheating the waitress who was there on his service for more than an hour

Well, some waitresses/waiters only get paid $2.50 an hour.


$2.13 per hour is the minimum wage for waiters in New Jersey.


But still, some even couldn’t manage to make this much minimum wage after tips as well.

It’s quite difficult for them to survive on, so they end up rely on tips.


And then in the end what they get is a tip written in of: LOL? Asshole.

And this happened with a waitress name, Jess Jones.


With this, she was so annoyed that she posted the picture to her Facebook page and immediately got a response.

She posted this to let people know, how much tough ones’ life can be!


After hearing this, the city mayor also responded!


It is totally ridiculous that a customer did this. Just because they had to wait over an hour for their meal, they were upset.

Is that was fault of Jones?


No, the kitchen was busy. It was not her fault! Not at all.

If we count $112.00 for a table of 8, 20% tip would have been $3.00 per person.



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