Transgender Man Reveals His Three Years’ Transformation (Video)

Moreover, many transgender men choose to have sex-change surgeries or take testosterone to look more like a man in the long run.


Moreover, many transgender men choose to have sex-change surgeries or take testosterone to look more like a man in the long run. And here, we have Jamie Raines. Let’s look at his three-year journey through his selfies.

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This is Jamie Raines when he was young.


Take note that he was still a “she” because Jamie was born as a female.

Eventually, the YouTube personality decided to become a man.


He decided to take loads of selfies while he was taking testosterone.


Basically, testosterone is the hormone that allows men to look masculine and have characteristics that are usually used to describe men.


Even at this point, Jamie Raines already looked like a guy.


Maybe it’s because of his earrings and his black hair?

By this time. he started to look like your average teen guy.


More than that, Jamie Raines looks quite attractive as a man.

He decided to change his hairstyle.


If you look closely, he still has a slightly feminine facial structure, especially with his cheeks.

Now, he’s wearing a tank top.


Jamie Raines must have been working out in the gym, or it was just really hot inside his room.

This is the point where Jamie Raines becomes a handsome male.


Just look at him. Aren’t his eyes so dreamy?

His throat is starting to look more masculine than ever.


That slight lump didn’t appear before.

After consuming more testosterone, Jamie Raines finally had facial hair.


He’s already growing a light moustache.

And he already has a beard!


Look at Jamie’s first image and then look at this. That’s how majestic his transformation is.

It’s hard to imagine that Jaime Raines was actually a female at first.


He looks like he’s been living as a male all his life with that appearance.

Isn’t he such an attractive guy?


It’s nice to see that a lot of his selfies have him smiling just a bit.

This transformation is just unbelievable.


His physical changes prove that everything takes time.


He has always wanted to look like a man, but he knew that it would take years before he could see any drastic changes.

And this is the final result.


It took Jamie Raines a lot of selfies and testosterone through the years, but the wait was definitely worth it. Now, he surely feels that he’s in the right body.

Check out the video of his transformation below!

Isn’t his journey from being a woman to a man amazing?


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