This Is Why You Should Not Buy Anything On Black Friday

Several years ago, Black Friday wasn't a huge deal.


Several years ago, Black Friday wasn’t a huge deal. Families would just come together during Thanksgiving weekend to catch up and generally have a wonderful time eating turkey and being merry. But now, it seems like most of Thanksgiving has been replaced by the urge to buy anything and everything during the annual Black Friday events.

Then again, does it really make sense to splurge during this time of the year?

There were more than 200 million American consumers who shopped on Black Friday in 2015.


These people didn’t even have to leave their homes to shop for their favorite gadgets.

In addition, more than half of them bought their goods online.


Essentially, families never had to drive around for miles to go to crowded malls. Black Friday has also dominated the online sphere.

Still, it’s not such a great idea to buy during Black Friday.


Yes, that’s what some people think about Black Friday, even with all the promos and discounted prices.

You see, stores love to offer consumers with these Black Friday deals.


Typically, these are fantastic promos that would immediately make you want to visit a store.

But not every consumer is aware of the retailers’ tricks.


And this is why stores love to celebrate Black Friday.

Simply put, retailers only offer a limited number of promos.


This means that not everyone interested in buying goods will ever get to acquire them.

But since a consumer is already visiting a store, they will likely get something else.


At this point, the online and the physical retailers are aware that they’ve caught their targets.

You should always remember that Black Friday deals are limited in quantity.


They will be advertised greatly before Black Friday, but they won’t be available to everyone.

Another secret is that retailers use low-quality versions of goods.


These are known as derivatives, and they can easily fool consumers during Black Friday.

That $200 television isn’t much of a deal if it easily gets broken.


In order to be aware of this trick, you should identify the brand and the model number. If it’s not a common product that can be found in different stores, you should be wary.


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