‘Car In A Box’ Puzzle Is Making Everyone Crazy. Can You Solve It?

You may have come across tonnes of puzzles and riddles on the web like 'Toothpick Puzzle' or any 'math problems' and much more.


You may have come across tonnes of puzzles and riddles on the web like ‘Toothpick Puzzle’ or any ‘math problems’ and much more. These puzzles undoubtedly left thousands of people hoodwinked and arguing over the answer.

Well, I am back with the latest brain teasers and I am sure it will make your head spin. So forget everything and wake up the kid inside you to crack this puzzle.

Are you ready? Your time starts now! Go…

PS: I highly doubt if you can do it. Well, let’s see!

Try this ‘The Car In A Box’ puzzle.


The latest puzzle features a very simple premise: you have to choose in which box a car is there. Now the question is, how can a car fit in a box? But for the sake of the puzzle, if you can choose the right box, you’d get to keep the car. *laugh*

The brain teaser features three boxes.


The boxes carry the drawing of a car on the outside respectively.

One of these three boxes carries a car inside.


So, you have to decide which box the car is in. And you’ll get the car. Lol!

Each box has a statement associated with it.


But, only one of them is correct!

So, tell me what did you guess?


Which box is it? Box 1? Box 2? Box 3? Or none of them?
Hold on your answer and check…!

And the answer is ‘Box 2’.


What was your answer?

Or are you still confused?


Well, we certainly were. *wink*

Only 36 percent of people get the answer right on their first try.


Don’t feel bad if you got wrong; we didn’t get it right on our first try, either!

Let’s see how we got Box 2 as the answer.


‘If the car belonged to box 1, it would mean that the statements on box 1 and box 2 would be correct, so the answer cannot be box 1.’
And ‘if the car was in box 3, both the statements on box 2 and box 3 would be correct, hence answer can’t be box 3.’
So, the correct answer is box 2, which means that the statement on box 3 is only correct.

A self-five is in order.


Now that you know how we got the answer.
Share with everyone and challenge them to solve it.


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