Your Hair Shockingly Reveals A Lot About Your Health. #4 Is So Common

Our hair are one of those very few things that anybody notices in us when they see us for the first time.


Our hair are one of those very few things that anybody notices in us when they see us for the first time. And as it is said that “The first impression is the last impression”, we can not compromise with our hair under any condition.

While hair types depend on various conditions, our hairs still say a lot about our health. In fact, it is said that a person’s health can be easily guessed by analysing his hair, nails and dental health. The problems like Alopecia Areata, dandruff and chronic hair-fall are affecting many. I tried to find the best of what hairs depict about our health.

#1 Brittle hair!


Brittle hairs can be one symptom of Cushing’s syndrome or Hypothyroidism. While it is not a surety, but hypothyroidism is often related to hair conditions. Lesser thyroid gland production leads to this disease. Also, lack of Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron can lead to brittle hairs.

#2 Premature Hair Greying!


Stress is said to be the biggest culprit behind premature hair greying. The hair greying due to chronic stress is not detected easily as the hair greying starts 3 to 6 months after the time of stress.

#3 Dandruff, Alopecia and Itching!


Yellow flakes that are visible on the shoulder or on the hairline reflects that you are not taking proper care or that you are not cleaning your hairs properly.

#4 Damaged Hair!


Hair that are good in density but still look dull can be due to the fact that you are not taking a proper diet. Eating too much of junk and not taking enough good fat can be its cause. Make it a habit to intake a lot of water, spoonful of flaxseeds, eggs, almonds and avocados daily.

#5 Perfect hairs!


Those lucky people around us who seem to have no problem with their hair and always come out in a tidy hairstyle are the people either with a perfect lifestyle or they are perfectionists as nature.

#6 Hair Fall


While it is perfectly normal to loose 80-150 hair per day, it can be a cause of concern if you shed any more than that. No, I am not talking about a single bad hair day but shedding hairs on a regular basis can be a problem. The reason behind this can be Anemia or a condition called male pattern baldness in men which is mainly due to family history.

#7 Hair thinning!


Hair thinning can be caused by hormonal imbalance and protein deficiency. Also, too much of testosterone can trigger hair thinning. Share with your friends and aware them.


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