8 Effective Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

It's normal to gain weight during pregnancy for any woman.


It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy for any woman. But most of the woman don’t want to continue with that weight and plan to get their pre-pregnancy weight back. I would suggest to all new moms to not to get inspired from celebrities as their most of the pictures are photoshopped. It’s not that easy to lose weight, it’s a slow process and takes time and efforts too.

Follow these simple tips to lose those extra kilos and to get your pre-pregnancy figure back. Don’t distress and just relax.

1. Say No to ‘No Food’!


This clearly means no dieting. You don’t have to compromise food for losing your weight. Your body needs proper diet and nutrients to overcome the delivery stress.

2. Breast Feeding


Breastfeeding helps to cut down weight in a very easy and effective manner. It burns 300-500 calories.

3. Walk, walk and walk.


This is the traditional method of losing weight. You can start walking after the delivery. Take small steps and comfortable one, this will give your body a special kind of relaxation.

4. Kegel up, when you can!


Kegel is the one of classic exercises. It helps to shape your pelvic muscles.

5. Take a deep belly breathe.


This exercise is especially for your abdominal and stomach areas. You just have to sit straight and take a deep breath. It is the most easy exercise to do and no one will even notice that you were exercising.

6. Perfect bridging exercise.


Bridging will directly target your butts and hamstrings. Gives you positive energy and relaxed body.

7. Do the kneeling pelvic tilt.


Good for stomach and abdominal muscles. It can give you a quick relief from back pain too.

8. The crunch beat.


This also targets abdominal muscles and legs. It boosts your energy. All this will help you to get back your pre-pregnancy body.


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