13 Secrets About Melania Trump Which Led To Donald’s Success

Behind every successful man, there's a woman.


Behind every successful man, there’s a woman.

The quote has been proving correct for years but does it hold true for the newly elected US President? He had been married twice before he got engaged to Melania Trump but has never achieved success and fame like he recently did. So, can we call this his lady luck? Or is it just about his lucky stars shining at the right time for him?

Before you get on to a conclusion, there’s a lot to learn about this mysterious lady, Melania Trump, who is believed to be the woman behind Donald Trump’s victory. Well, she has got secrets of her own.



She was born in a small country with only two million people called Slovenia, located in Central Europe.

#Modelling Career


She started her modeling career at the age of five. When most kids get ready to go to kindergarten, she was preparing for her catwalk. Whereby, she started doing her professional commercials at the age of 16 which involved a few of the nude pictures.

#Her Name


She changed her real name from Milan Eva to Melania.

# Education


She dropped out of university, attended a secondary school of photography and design, in her home country. And apparently, the university she claimed to have passed out from after completing her graduation, does not even exist.

# Wedding


She had a $1 Million Wedding like a true princess, from which a fair share was spent in her wedding gown. The ornamentation of which took 500 hours to complete.

# Melania and Jewelry


Melania launched her own jewelry collection in 2010 called ‘Melania timepieces’. The collection of which was sold out in just 45 minutes.

# Nanny for her children


She claims that she doesn’t have a nanny for her children which might be a reason that she did not appear in Donald’s campaigns. She says that she will always be a mother first and focus on anything else second. Melania finds it valuable and precious to spend time with her children alone.

# Melania on Donald being a President


She didn’t want Donald to run for the Presidential elections. Apparently, she said that they already have such a great life, why did he want to do this!

# Her stepchildren


Her stepchildren are just a few years younger to her. She’s 45, while Donald Trump Jr. is 38, Ivanka is 34, Eric Trump is 32 and Tiffany Trump is 23.

# U.S. Citizenship


Melania became a citizen of U.S. in the year 2006 as a model but did not win the US citizenship until one year after her marriage with Donald Trump.

# Multilingual


She speaks five languages which comprise of Slovenian, Serbian, English, French and German.

# Her first boyfriend


The rumors say that Peter Buetow dated her when she was 17. But they supposedly broke up when he had to leave for the Army. Whereas, Melania’s spokesperson told that this wasn’t true.

# Her siblings


She has two siblings, where her older sister’s name is Inez and a half-brother Dennis from her father Victor’s previous marriage. Melania has never met Dennis and had been denying his existence.


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