You’ll Fall In Love With This New Titanic Ship

Are you in love with the Titanic?


Are you in love with the Titanic? You’ve probably watched the movie hundreds of times and wished to travel by that magnificent ship once in your life. But since the Titanic actually sunk beneath the ocean, it wasn’t possible. But well, now you can. How? Let’s check it out!

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has plans.


He has plans to build Titanic 2, and it’s going to be marvelous.

The maiden voyage of this ship would be in 2018.


That’s only 2 years from making your dreams come true.

It will exactly look like the old ship except for one detail.


The older version famously had less number of lifeboats, but corrections will be made.

They have learned from their mistake.


It will contain a greater number of lifeboats as a preventive strategy to protect its passengers.

It will be full of luxury.


The newer version of Titanic will be equipped with lavish rooms. An incredible level of detail will be maintained to make it exactly like the older version of the ship.

The ship will be built in China.


The cost of the entire project will be around $400-$600 million and it is currently being built in China’s famous shipyard, Jiangsu.

Some are offended by this project.


There are relatives of the victims of the Titanic sinking that might feel offended after this news was announced.

They feel it shouldn’t be resurrected.


They want that the sleeping ship should lie under the ocean and not be resurrected.

Here’s a full tour video that you are gonna get!


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