10 Most Weird Restaurants That Exist On Earth

If you're bored of the ordinary dining experience and want to try something bizarre and strange, you've come to the right place.


If you’re bored of the ordinary dining experience and want to try something bizarre and strange, you’ve come to the right place.
Here, I’ve compiled some of the weirdest restaurants that’ll change your dining experience.
From the undersea eatery in Maldives to the Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok, every restaurant is based on a unique theme.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Restaurant hopping and have fun!

1. Clothing Optional Dinners


Clothing Optional Dinners are restaurants where you have the liberty to be nude. London’s first naked restaurant is The Bunyadi.

2. Dans Le Noir


Dans Le Noir is the restaurant located in London which will give you a different experience of eating and drinking in pitch darkness.

3. Dick’s Last Resort


Dick’s Last Resort is the restaurant chain in the USA which has got extremely unpleasant staff and they are considered Wacky.

4. Ninja New York


Ninja New York is a restaurant which has got impressive ambience and the finest Japanese food.

5. Devil Island Prison


This restaurant is located in China and the theme of this place is based on the prison where visitors are handcuffed and waitresses are dressed in black and white striped uniform.

6. Modern Toilet


As the name suggests, the theme of the restaurant is the bathroom. This Taiwan-based restaurant chain has got the branches all over in Asia. The visitors are served in miniature toilet bowls and they sit on unworking toilet seats.

7. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives


Enjoy the astounding dinner with the love of your life at this spectacular restaurant, Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant and if you want to add romance, spend a night there. The view and the experience will be definitely awe-inspiring.

8. Heart Attack Grill


This American Hamburger Restaurant is located in Las Vegas. The theme of the eatery is the hospital where waitresses serving food are dressed up as a nurse. They wear sexually provocative clothes.

9. Cannibalistic Restaurant


Dig your chopsticks, knife and fork inside the dead body and enjoy the sushi. Yes, that’s how this eatery serves its food.

10. Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok


The reason behind this quirky name of the restaurant is to spread the awareness among people about Sex/AIDS. The theme of this restaurant is very funny where you’ll spot many people in condom character.


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