40 Official Photos Of Barack Obama Reveal Why He’s The Coolest U.S. President

We all know that Donald Trump just won the U.S. Presidential Elections, but that doesn't mean Barack Obama will leave immediately.


We all know that Donald Trump just won the U.S. Presidential Elections, but that doesn’t mean Barack Obama will leave immediately. And while liberals are lamenting the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the domination of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate and in the House of Representatives, we should not forget how fun and lovely it was to have Barack Obama in the White House. Thus, let’s take a look at the best photos taken by Pete Souza, the official photographer of the White House.

1. Barack Obama Spending Lone Time


This is one of his most iconic shots ever.

2. At The Historical Rosa Parks Bus


He is the first African-American President of The U.S., and that means a lot to many people.

3. Barack Obama With Robby Novak At The Oval Office


Robby Novak was known as the Kid President.

4. Barack Playing With Sarah Froman


Sarah Froman is the child of Mike Froman and Nancy Goodman. Mike Froman has been the Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics.

5. Together During The 50th Bloody Sunday Anniversary


This is a powerful photo that shows the love between two of the most powerful people in the world.

6. Barack Obama With Janiya Penny And Her Family


Janiya Penny is a child from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and she couldn’t believe that she was at the Oval Office.

7. Barack Obama With His Loving Family


It’s been eight years of looking at this wonderful family.

8. Barack Obama Coaching Sasha Obama’s Basketball Team


Sasha Obama’s coaches couldn’t make it to the game, so Barack Obama and his personal aide supported the team.

9. Barack Obama Riding The Elevator At The White House


This was taken during a tiring day when he went to at least 10 inaugural balls.

10. Obama Holding The Child Of One Of His Staff Members


The child of London Rakestraw and Darienne Page Rakestraw in his arms.

11. Barack Obama Playing Peek-A-Boo


He was having fun with Emmett Beliveau’s daughter.

12. Obama And The XIV Dalai Lama


Two great leaders in a single snap.

13. Two U.S. Presidents


Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, both Democrats, discussing something.

14. Obama Playing Basketball


He was playing with other members of the White House in Martha’s vineyard.

15. Observing The Damage By A Tornado In Oklahoma


He was safely observing the situation inside an Air Force One aircraft.

16. A Sweet Moment


They make one of the best couples I’ve ever seen.

17. Barack And His Wife Dancing Together


They were at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for the Inaugural Ball.

18. Obama With Stephanie Decker


Stephanie Decker is a widow who lost her legs when she saved her kids during a tornado.

19. Sasha Obama Hiding From Barack


She was waiting to surprise him as her father was about to finish his work.

20. Michelle Obama Dancing With Virginia McLaurin


Virginia McLaurin is more than 100 years old and the couple was celebrating the history of African Americans.

21. Obama Eating A Peach


He was hungry after attending a Town Hall Meeting, so he took this peach at Kroger’s Supermarket.

22. Obama And The Kids Of Denis McDonough


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that he’s really great with kids.

23. Obama And Football


Right before a meeting, he decided to have some fun with a game of football.

24. Obama With Jimmy Fallon


Barack Obama looks delightful whenever he appears on talk shows.

25. Barack Enjoying Pizza


He was with several people who wrote him letters. This was in Denver, Colorado.

26. Curious Infants


They weren’t so sure about who they were looking at.

27. Barack Supporting Lincoln Rose Smith


Lincoln Rose Smith was still learning how to walk at the time.

28. A Lovely Moment


Even if Barack Obama is busy, he still finds some time to show affection towards his wife.

29. Barack Holding Talia Neufeld


Talia Neufeld is the cute daughter of Adam Neufeld, who was a former White House staff member.

30. Obama As Spider-Man’s Opponent


He knows how to have fun with the kids.

31. A Family Portrait


Wouldn’t you miss seeing them at the White House?

32. Barack Obama With Bo, The Dog


Of course, Bo is so cute!

33. Obama With Ella Rhodes


Let’s hope that Ella Rhodes grows up to be a strong and admirable woman.

34. Obama And Prince George


This looks as if Prince George has absolute control over Barack Obama.

35. A Presidential Kiss Cam Moment


You don’t always witness something like this during a sports event.

36. Obama Joking Around With Marvin Nicholson


Marvin Nicholson just wanted to know if he gained weight or not.

37. Obama At Jamaica


This is definitely one of the best photos out there. It’s perfect!

38. Comparing Hair


I love how kids are not terrified of interacting with the U.S. President.

39. Obama And Lawrence Lipscomb


Lawrence Lipscomb is a custodian and he is definitely good friends with Barack Obama.

40. Barack Obama Playing With Ella Rhodes


Ella Rhodes is the adorable daughter of Ben Rhodes, who is the Deputy National Security Advisor.


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