Drinking Green Tea Right After The Meal Can Harm Your Health

Green tea is always associated with the British, but it is also the favorite drink of many other nationalities.


Green tea is always associated with the British, but it is also the favorite drink of many other nationalities. In fact, the production of green tea actually originated in China before spreading fast around the world.

After all, having a nice, warm cup of tea after a tiring day is sure to make you relaxed and ready to either watch a movie or read a book. But do you know what happens if you eat a meal before taking a cup of green tea?

Check out what happens below!

Beverages can affect your health just as much as food.


To give you a good example, drinking Coke all the time can have as much negative health effects as eating junk food.

Likewise, having green tea provides a better alternative than other drinks.


For one, consuming green tea over other drinks with so many calories will help you maintain or even lose weight.

In addition, green tea has a load of other benefits.


It helps to stop bad breath, it has a decent amount of antioxidants, and it has a therapeutic effect on your mind and body.

However, you should not just drink green tea all the time every day.


According to experts, it should only be consumed two to three times a day because having more than this can lead to toxicity which damages the liver.

Also, you should not have green tea on an empty stomach.


When you wake up, do not follow the a routine of having green tea without eating anything because this will harm your stomach. Try having a glass of water instead.

And this is what happens if you immediately have green tea after a meal.


While it might seem like a good idea at first, having green tea as soon as you finish eating can prevent your body from properly absorbing the nutrients.

Green tea basically stops your body from getting all the nutrients from your food.


This happens because the caffeine and the tannins in green tea prevent nutrient absorption.

In addition, your body will not digest your food properly.


Once you take green tea after your meal, your gastric juices will become diluted and lead to impeded digestion.

Instead, you should take green tea at least 30 to 45 minutes after eating a meal.


If you do this, you no longer have to worry about digestion and nutrient absorption problems.

In addition, don’t have a cup of green tea before you sleep.


While it might sound appealing, this can affect your sleeping pattern and even amplify your stress levels.

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