15 Secrets About Princess Diana Which Charles Is Hiding From Us

Did you know that Princess Diana was a devoted grandmother to her granddaughter Domenica Lawson?


Did you know that Princess Diana was a devoted grandmother to her granddaughter Domenica Lawson?

Still considered as one of the beautiful ladies of all times, Princess Diana had an amazingly attractive life which was successful enough for us to get fascinated about everything related to her.

May it be her childhood, unseen pictures, charities, hobbies… or her mournful car crash, people remained updated with every information of her life.

Knowing more about her, here are some more interesting facts of her life.

1. She was given homeschooling until the age of 9.


When it was common for the upper-class children to get home tuition, after Diana’s parents got divorced she was sent to Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk. And at the age of 12, she was sent to the West Heath School, which was a boarding school.

2. She was an average student.


At the age of 16, she failed in two exams, following which she had to leave her West Heath School. After this, her father admitted her in a Swedish finishing school, but she wanted to return home.

3. She was once a teacher in the kindergarten.


After she had completed her finishing school, she worked as a part-time babysitter and also as a cleaning woman. After which she got employed at the Young England School.


4. She wanted to become a ballet dancer.


When she was a child, she learned Ballet, but she became too tall to continue the Ballet practice. But because of her love towards the classical dance, she became a huge supporter of the English National Ballet which she continued life long.

5. Prince Charles dated Diana’s sister first.


When Diana was 16, she met Charles at a family gathering. At that time her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer was dating Prince Charles.

6. She married Charles when she was 20.


They got engaged when Diana was 19, Charles being senior to her by 12 years.

7. She got the privilege of selecting her engagement ring from the catalog.


At the time when the royal engagement ring had to be custom made, Diana got to select hers from the catalog of Garrard jewelry.
The ring consisted 14 solitaire diamonds and a 12-carat sapphire which was set in white gold, which now belongs to Duchess Kate Middleton.

8. She had the longest silk train on her wedding dress which was 25-foot long.


Diana wore her wedding dress, which was embroidered, had sequins and 10,000 pearls, in which she had several practice sessions.

9. She discontinued the vow, that she would “obey” Prince Charles.


This was the tradition of royal wedding vows.

10. The pudding of bread and butter was her favorite dessert.


Darren McGrady, who was her personal chef from a long time once shared that when she used to make this dish, Diana would often come to the kitchen and pick the raisins from the top.

11. She used to take her sons on outings to places apart from the typical royal locations.


The places included the Disney World, AID’s clinic, homeless shelters and even McDonald’s.

12. Pink was her favorite color.


And she was usually seen wearing clothes in similar shades of Pink.

13. Diana’s niece has a striking resemblance to her.


Charles Spencer, who is Diana’s younger brother, has a daughter named Lady Kitty, who possess a resemblance of Diana.

14. She raised money for social welfare by raising auctions.


She had put up 79 of her dresses, through which she raised $5.76 million to give charities for breast cancer and AIDS.

15. Diana was buried on an island.


Earlier she was to be buried in Spencer family vault of a church, but then the plan changed to bury her on the grounds of Althorp Park to find a more private location. This place is her family home.


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