Chinese Woman Bought A House By Demanding 20 iPhones From 20 Boyfriends

It takes many years in buying a house with hard-earned money.


It takes many years in buying a house with hard-earned money. I guess, no happiness in the world can replace the feeling of buying a home on your own, right? Well, not everyone feels the same. The case of a Chinese woman who purchased a house with quick money will leave you in shock.

Recently, netizens were shocked to know about a Chinese woman who bought a house by demanding 20 iPhones from her 20 boyfriends. Read on for the full story.

The price of houses in China are increasing with every passing day.


It is considered as a challenging task to get on the property ladder in the country.

This is the reason why a property story in China fetched the attention of social media.


Tian Ya Yi Du forum is a popular blogging platform in China.

Proud Qiaoba published an unbelievable blog on this forum.


He wrote an unbelievable tale that is actually true.

Proud Qiaoba narrated the story of his colleague in the blog.


Chinese media dubbed the blog’s lead character as ‘Xiaoli’.

Xiaoli is a woman belonging to the city of Shenzhen in southern China.


She asked her 20 boyfriends to gift her newly launched iPhone 7.

Then Chinese woman sold all the iPhones to a mobile phone recycling site.


The mobile phone recycling site named as Hui Shou Bao purchased iPhones from the lady for 1,20,000 Chinese yuan (about £14,500).

Xiaoli used the money to purchase a house in the countryside.


When Chinese woman showed her new house to friends, they were very surprised with her achievement.

Proud Qiaoba’s blog got public within a quick span of time.


Xiaoli belongs to a middle-class family. Her mother is a homemaker, and her father is a migrant worker. Being the oldest daughter, Xiaoli is burdened with several responsibilities of her family.

However, it is not correct to use such a method for buying a house.


Many users of China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo expressed surprise on Xiaoli’s investment.

A Chinese hashtag which translates as ’20 mobiles for a house’ started trending on Weibo.


Many users praised Xiaoli for her clever trick while others criticized her for using boyfriends to buy a house. When media channels approached Chinese woman, she denied giving any statement on the issue.
This news is freaking unbelievable. I am curious to know the reaction of Xiaoli’s boyfriends on her achievement.
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