14-Year-Old Girl Was Given Only 48 Hours To Live. 7 Years Later, THIS Is How She Looks!

Every person has its own story to tell.


Every person has its own story to tell. There are experiences in life that may be unique from one to another but at the end of the day, these will provide inspiring insights to people with related hardships or challenges.
As others implicitly share to the world, to have a successful and well-spent life, inspiring stories should not be kept to one’s self.
Take this strong girl as an example. Before having a quality life, she’s gone through a struggle a woman may not like to encounter. She was almost near to death because she was suffering from a medical condition called anorexia nervosa. But, she fought harder.
Sit back, read, and drink your favorite Coca-Cola, or order your favorite Starbucks frappe.

Another inspiring anorexic story


Meet Gemma Walker. At 14, she was diagnosed with bulimia’s and anorexia nervosa’s when she was a teenager.

Her state as a patient of bulimia and anorexia nervosa


As an anorexic, she has this mindset that she will never eat for the sake of maintaining a sexy body. On the other hand, as a bulimic patient for some time, she’s fond of binge eating then purging.

Gemma’s lived like this for almost 7 years


Medical doctors and her family has to deal with her psychological disorder intricately. Her weight decreased to as low as nearly 25 kilograms, or as light as a usual sofa bed.

Hospitalization experience


Gemma was admitted three times due to this condition. Her death was already next to her.

Family members checking on her regularly


According to Gemma’s father, they had to exert extra effort in checking his girl each morning to see if she’s still alive. Her body was totally weak back then.

Hardships during recovery


Recovery was another hard story for them. Back then, Gemma committed many medications, causing her to develop hallucinations and body ‘bloating’.

Look at her now


Your weakest woman can be one of the healthiest woman you could ever know. Gemma’s stunning and more gorgeous at 22. She’s proud to say that her recovery was a success.

Gemma’s recovery as surreal


After six months of recovery, Gemma still cannot believe of the huge leap she took. The 22-year-old Walker knows how thankful she is to her family, to the battle and herself because of a job well done. She could be one of the most perfect examples of successful anorexia nervosa survivors in history of humankind.

With so much joy to live the future


Gemma is very pleased to inspire all the people who are still into the challenge. She chose to maintain all the pictures of the past that constantly tell her that she can do everything to change; and also continue to pick anorexic people up, through psychological help. Aside from this movement, she’s maintaining her own skincare and beauty shop. Cheers, Gemma!


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