14 Images Showing The Transformation Of Ariana Grande Over The Years

All the Nickelodeon Fans out there, raise your hands and say Aye!


All the Nickelodeon Fans out there, raise your hands and say Aye! Remember our own Cheerleader Ariana Grande, Charlotte from Broadway Musical ’13’?
The dimpled innocent kid has now transformed into a hot and classy lady.
Let us have a look at her beautiful journey.

14 Oct 2008


Remember Charlotte, the cute cheerleader you must have seen in the Broadway Musical ’13’. This pic was clicked when Ariana Grande was a sweet little 15-year-old before she got famous on Nickelodeon.

13th Oct 2009


We have Ariana exactly one year later, playing the role of Cat Valentine on the hit Nickelodeon show “Victorious” and had to constantly keep dying her hair red because the show’s executive producer didn’t want the entire cast to be brunettes. She looks the same except for the straight red hair.

12 June 2010


Little longer hair and the beautiful caramel tan she sports looks lovely on her.

11 July 2011


This pic was clicked 3 months after the second season of Victorious premiered to a record 6.2 million viewers, placing her in the lime light again. A month later she made her musical debut in “Give It Up” on the Victorious soundtrack.

10 Nov 2011


This pic was clicked before ‘Put your hearts up’ her very first single release which was later dismissed by herself as a bubblegum pop song that she never liked.

9 April 2012


She is nearly 20 by this photo. This is the year that Victorious got canceled, luckily Grande continued to appear on the Nickelodeon channel in “Sam & Cat”. She has clearly outgrown the awkward middle teens look she had when she first started appearing on Nickelodeon.

8 Nov 2012


No longer a teenager, she looks lady like. This is the same month she collaborated with Mika on a tune called “Popular Song”.

7 May 2013


Radiating with confidence here she is, busy working on her debut album ‘Yours Truely.’

6 Nov 2013


Here is Ariana Grande in November 2013, just two months after “Yours Truly” debuted at #1 in America and selling a whopping 138,000 units in the first week alone. The first single from the album, “The Way ft. Mac Miller” was on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts for 26 weeks… that’s half a year in the charts!

Just a month later…5 Dec 2013


Different hairstyle, tanned complexion, makeup…everything changed. She has got the same dimpled expression, though.

Hot as ever.


Older, Hotter, Sexier and more popular than ever. She has totally replaced her cheerleader nickelodean image.

3 June 2014


Her trademark dimpled smile is not so innocent anymore. She has turned hotter. This was an year before she was invited by The Obamas to sing at the white house.

2 Aug 2014


To anyone who caught an episode of Victorious back in 2009, it would have been very difficult to comprehend that the same Ariana Grande from Nickelodeon would be on stage dressed like this just a few short years later.

And Now..


It was a big year for Ariana. Her second album was released a few weeks before this photo. Her transformation from an innocent cheerleader to a pretty lady has been marvelous.


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