14 Awkward Situations Every Bodybuilder Goes Through, Hilarious!

All gym freaks out there! You must have undergone a rough time to develop those muscular biceps, shoulders and 6 packs.


All gym freaks out there! You must have undergone a rough time to develop those muscular biceps, shoulders and 6 packs. In every bodybuilder’s life, there are moments of ups and downs. According to the bodybuilding experts, every bodybuilder has to suffer from various problems to maintain a perfect shape physique.
Here are 14 things suffered by every bodybuilder while making attractive physique in his life.

1. Cheating with cut day


Cut day is a tricky day for bodybuilders when one neglects to eat normal food that everyone consumes. The bodybuilder focuses more on eating with a plan.

2. Fitting clothes


Yes, with that bulge it gets difficult.

3. Problems in buying clothes


Guys with a robust physique, 21inch+ biceps face difficulty in buying the perfect sized clothes.

4. Macro shaming and Calorie count


Friends and Girlfriends keep a close eye on your calorie intake. They advise and suggest uneven calorie percentage for bodybuilding.

5. Body Dysmorphia


Muscles swell when you are actively engaged in exercising. As soon as the exercise ends, the muscles decrease in size. Now, everyone can understand this problem.

6. Small peni$


With the increase in muscle size, the peni$ seems smaller in comparison to a bulky body.

7. Shamed on cut


Gyming burns calories faster. But, parent and grandparents never understand the situation. They force you to eat more and more for recovering ‘health.’ Finally, you can’t deny Grandma’s invitation for a heavy snack.

8. Hunger games


Hunger in early morning tempts the bodybuilders to eat their daily calorie dosage prior to the meal time.

9. Receiving compliments


It feels awesome when people compliment about your personality and wish to become like you. But, remember they are not trying to make you their mentor. Most of them are just having fun with you.

10. Unable to comb hair or scratch back


Tight muscles have less flexibility. With sturdy muscles, it becomes hard to comb hair or scratch back.

11. Gym and eating schedule


Bodybuilders end up with their social life. They have lesser time for girlfriends and friends. The more focus remains on regular gyming and meals.

12. Missing yummy food


Cutting down on favorite food is the main sacrifice every bodybuilder does. They have to stick to the diet chart instructed by the gym trainer.

13. Eating 10-15 meals per day


It doesn’t matter how much you eat. Bodybuilders keep on eating as much they can burn at the gym session.

14. Protein fart


Eating protein with regular gyming helps to maintain strength, shape and size of muscles. But, too much protein causes bad fart.


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