27 Celebrity Transformations That Are Too Unbelievable To Handle

Celebrities are always being judged not only for their acting skills but also for their appearances.


Celebrities are always being judged not only for their acting skills but also for their appearances. Some actors and actresses have lived their lives as obese individuals, so it is both surprising and wonderful that they have the capacity to change and finally lose weight.
If you ever needed some inspiration to shed some pounds, read on!

1. Kirstie Alley lost more pounds than she wanted.


Back in 2014, she said that she wanted to lose 30 pounds. But since then, she has lost around 50 pounds.

2. The producer, Timbaland has lost more than 130 pounds.


Timbaland worked hard for eight months, and he successfully lost so many pounds. Now, he is both healthy and happy.

3. Khloe Kardashian is now as sexy as Kim Kardashian.


Back then, she seemed as if she will always be a bit overweight, but she was determined to become physically better.

4. Jerry Ferrara lost more than 40 pounds after 10 months.


It wasn’t a good start because he always quit the diet given to him, but the third time worked for him.

5. Renee Zellweger had plastic surgery and people are shocked.


She is happy that people know she looks different, and Renee feels like she has a fulfilled life.

6. Missy Elliott already lost more than 100 pounds.


At first, she lost 71 pounds. Her next workout led to shedding 30 additional pounds

7. Ricky Gervais lost 40 pounds.


What’s even better is the fact that he did it because his girlfriend named Jane Fallon also wanted to lose weight.

8. Janet Jackson used the Nutrisystem to lose weight.


She said that it’s easy to lose weight, but maintaining this new weight needs determination.

9. Tom Arnold lost a staggering 100 pounds.


One of his prime motivations was his promise to his son that he will always be there for his son.

10. Peter Jackson lost 44 pounds during the filming of ‘The Adventures of Tintin.’


He was tired of being obese, so he immediately thought of a diet and workout routine.

11. Miranda Lambert lost 45 pounds.


She felt that it was nice to know that she can finally be in front of many people without some of her body parts jiggling.

12. Josh Peck looks unbelievably good.


In order to lose weight properly, he hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

13. Mo’Nique took 80 pounds off her weight.


She was highly motivated by her husband and her loving family.

14. Jason Segel has finally let go of midnight pizzas.


Instead of being laughed at whenever he took his shirt off, now gets compliments.

15. Jordin Sparks lost 50 pounds in less than two years.


She immediately lost weight because she enjoyed doing her exercises and she had a personal trainer.

16. Seth Rogen had the 5-Factor Diet and lost 30 pounds.


His diet means that preparing his meals should not exceed five minutes every single time.

17. Jessica Simpson followed the Weight Watchers Diet and the 5-Factor Diet.


Basically, she was eating five meals per day, and her workouts take 25 minutes.

18. Drew Carey lost around 100 pounds and looks better than ever.


When he was still doing ‘The Drew Carey Show,’ he ate a lot of bad food. He even had diabetes. Now, he has completely changed.

19. Christina Aguilera shed 45 pounds. Thanks to diet and exercise!


Some accused her of having liposuction, but she made it clear that she had a balanced diet, and she worked out a lot.

20. Perez Hilton started losing weight since 2008.


Since then, he has lost 70 pounds and has become quite sexy.

21. Nicole Polizzi has become better after giving birth.


She really wanted to be healthy for herself, but she mostly wanted to be better for her children.

22. Chaz Bono lost 85 pounds and is now only 165 pounds.


Back then, he weighed 250 pounds. Now, he only eats vegetables, meat, nuts, and fruit. He only eats cake once a year.

23. Kelly Osbourne lost around 70 pounds and wants to stay that way.


Even though she still feels bad sometimes, she feels more secure than ever.

24. Nicole Richie is now a lovely wife and mother.


Because she has a wonderful family, she has chosen to take better care of herself.

25. Jennifer Hudson has lost 80 pounds after following the Weight Watchers program.


Jennifer does not smoke, but she eats chocolate in order to feel relaxed.

26. Jonah Hill needed a nutritionist to maintain his diet.


Now, he feasts on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

27. Chris Pratt hired a trainer to assist him for six days each week.


He even spent six months without drinking a single ounce of beer. Now, the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star looks amazing.


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