Pop A Pimple Properly Without Leaving A Scar


A pimple on the face always leaves you with a fear of marks. But there’s a way you can pop the pimples keeping your skin spotless.

Here, learn to extract acnes properly without leaving a scar.

Wait until you see a whitehead.


Wash your face and hands well.

Sterilize a sewing needle.


Sterilize tip of the needle by flaming it. Cool it down well before using. Do not forget to rub a little alcohol on the needle tip and zit as well.

Let it out.


Hold the needle parallel to the face and point on the pimple. Let the pus out.

Wait for 24 hours.


If the pus doesn’t come out properly, wait for 24 hours and repeat the process again.

Push it.


Place your two fingers on the either side. Press down until the pus comes out. Do not break the skin around zit.

Use cotton balls.


Make sure you get all the pus out. Then, soak cotton balls with alcohol and wipe the area properly.

Heal the area.


Use any suitable cream to heal the area. Prevent the wound from open infection.


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