Baby Cobra Encounters A Lion For The First Time And Does Something Unexpected

Lions are scary. But it's worth not forgetting that they are, after all, just cats.


Lions are scary. But it’s worth not forgetting that they are, after all, just cats. They are just extremely large in size and physically dangerously powerful! But being a cat, even the mighty lion is filled with curiosity for the new and unknown, and this trait of the feline family is quite apparent in domestic cats, as you might have noticed.
And here’s one incident captured on camera in Botswana’s Savuti Game Reserve that will show you that lions too are just as curious! Check it out!

Two young lions were simply prowling in the open grounds when their eyes fell on something they saw for the first time.


Can you see it? In the puddle of water? That’s a baby cobra.


The lions began to move closer to the tiny thing. In response, it began to hiss. And thus began the display of power.


A dramatic standoff ensued, and neither party was willing to back down


In the rage to prove their dominance, the lions got in way too close to the poisonous serpent.


Photographer speaks:


Photographer Charlie Lynam, who gets the credits for capturing the intense moment, believes that it was the first time the lions had come across a cobra because they didn’t seem to know how dangerous it can be.

Charlie was more impressed by the snake than the lions!


“Talk about David and Goliath,” he said. “He was holding his ground and striking out at the lions when they came too close and went to swat him.”


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