27-Year-Old Pregnant Mom Couldn’t Raise Her Baby Because Of Something We All Do

The popular habit among many to hit tanning beds can, at times, have disastrous results, as a young woman, Louise Cooke, learnt.


The popular habit among many to hit tanning beds can, at times, have disastrous results, as a young woman, Louise Cooke, learnt. Her tragic story might serve as a warning to all those who love to pass their time in tanning beds, with no restrictions limiting them or holding them back. So scroll down, and read about Louise’s story, and think about it the next time you find yourself longing for that artificial glow.

Louise has a beautiful, loving family


Her cute little family comprises of her three children: six-year-old Summer, four-year-old Mason, and 18-month-old Chloe, and her loving husband, Martyn. And although she’s just a young 27-year-old, she might soon have to take her family’s leave for good.

Louise was a mere 23 when she split from her first husband


She was a mother of two, and the split left her in need for a boost of her self-confidence. And so she began tanning. “Having always been pale, I soon started receiving compliments on my tan and it felt good,” she said.

Sunbeds became a three-times-a-week routine, until…


Louise stopped tanning after meeting Martyn, who’d go on to become her husband. Five months after they met, the two found new excitement when they learnt that Louise was pregnant.

An odd one month into the pregnancy later…


Louise had a mole on her back, which began to itch badly, and also bleed at times. She did not heed much attention to it until Martyn’s mother urged her to get it checked out by a doctor. This galvanized her to remove the mole and have it tested, only to receive devastating news when the reports came in – it was a cancerous melanoma.

Six weeks later, still pregnant, she discovered a lump in her neck


The lump was removed, and testing continued. What was then revealed was no less than a nightmare come true: cancer had spread, and she was diagnosed with stage four cancer – incurable. “I just cried. I was 24 weeks pregnant, with two small children at home, and being told I was terminally ill with cancer,” said Louisa.

Louise and Martyn got married four months later


Louise gave birth to a beautiful, healthy daughter, who got the name, Chloe. But Lousie knew that her time with the newly arrived soul would be extremely numbered. “I hope Summer and Mason will have memories of me but it breaks my heart that Chloe will be too young to remember me,” said Louise. Louise passed away one month ago.

Louise shared her story to raise awareness about the dangers of tanning.


“I fear other young men and women will make the same mistake as me and put their image before their health.” If you want a tan, get a spray one. Children shouldn’t lose their mummies because of sunbeds,” she very rightly said. We hope Louise’s story succeeds in discouraging the thousands of other young men and women who love getting themselves tanned.


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