This Child Used To Smoke 40 Cigarettes A Day. This Is How He Looks 8 Years Later


A few years ago, Ardi Rizal, a toddler living in Sumatra, Indonesia, was known far and wide for his 40 cigarettes a day smoking addiction. Then, his story and photos generated so much wrath, that the Indonesian government was prompted to take a stand against childhood smoking.

Read on to find more about him.

In 2010, the story of Ardi Rizal went viral {40 cigarettes a day}


He was given treatment for his smoking addiction.


Ardi was only 2 years old, when he became addicted.

He learned to say ‘no’ because of rehab{40 cigarettes a day}


According to his mother, Diane, he was soon telling the people offering him smokes, “I love Kak Seto [one his psychiatrists]. He would be sad if I started smoking again and made myself ill.”

He replaced one addiction with another.


He quit smoking and became addicted to food. He became dangerously overweight.

Eventually, that addiction came to an end.


And this is how he looks now after smoking 40 cigarettes a day


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