These ‘You Had One Job’ Memes Will Make Your Day


Doing the same work all day, again and again tends to be too boring at times. And it feels like we can do that work even with our eyes closed because we are used to doing it right.

But this is the part where it goes all wrong. What if there is only one job for you to do and you fail at that so miserably? You might say that’s certainly not likely to happen but these guys did and hence made into our list of the best ‘You Had One Job’ memes.

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Well, this fail will lead to a war between Superman and Batman.


Copy-Paste is an art. Not everyone is blessed with it.


What the fork is going on here?


I wonder who used that part of the toilet paper and how?


The thirst for being first is real here.


And all my life I thought these are corns.


How about painting your own warehouse first?

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