Mother About To Give Birth To Five Babies Had This Heart-Warming Photoshoot


Yes, the title may leave you in a complete surprise state, but it is definitely authentic news. The Australian woman who is already a mother of two kids is now carrying five kids with herself. The chronicle of her journey explains all those bearings which she is going through. In midst of all this happening, she underwent exclusive photo session displaying her different expressions.

Let’s envision her journey of pregnancy.

1. Kim Tucci- An Australian Young Mother


Kim Tucci, 26 years young woman who is located in Perth has already two young daughters. She wished to go for the third baby boy and carried pregnancy instinctively. But, she and her husband are now shocked to know that she is pregnant with quintuplets i.e. 5 babies.

2. 6,000 Calories A Day


Perth mum Mrs. Tucci is facing many variations in her eating habits. According to doctor’s prescription, she is consuming approximately 6,000 calories to nourish her offsprings, which is three times more than what a normal healthy person intakes a day.

3. Eating Habits Leaving Reflux For Hours


Mrs. Tucci with the unplanned pregnancy is now trying hard to stuff herself forcefully for her growing brood. She is undergoing drastic eating patterns with intake of almost thrice the amount of food compared to her regular diet. She cannot take down protein drinks and mass of dairy products. These transitions make her feel regretted for couple of hours.

4. Highs And Lows Of Her Gestation


After getting to know about her quintuples, Kim is facing a lot of hardships including nausea, pain, severe backaches, and 12 trips to washroom each night. Mrs. Tucci is facing tough time during her pregnancy. No measures of pillows are helping her out. It’s getting worse with each passing day.

5. “Surprise With Five” Blog


Mrs. Tucci has created a blog naming “Surprise with Five”. She posted her images online along with the experience and response of dealing with her pain and the variations taking place in the body. Everyone is keen about reading her posts regularly, and her blog now endures 123,000 followers apparently.

6. Soothing Photoshoot Of Kim


Though she is facing a lot of issues like stretch marks, body aching but she shares her happiness through her photo shoots. She underwent this session to capture his unforgettable moment of unique gestation.

7. Photographer Erin Elizabeth Captured Beautiful Images


At 24 weeks along, photographer Erin Elizabeth delineated amazing snaps of Mrs. Tucci to celebrate her exclusive journey. The images clicked by Elizabeth became a super hit on Mrs. Tucci’s website and Elizabeth’s social media account.

8. Regular Visit To Hospital For Minor issues


Few phases did come and go in the life of the expecting mum. She has been visited the hospital for one or the other minor affairs and at the end, she finds her kids- 4 girls and one boy healthy and normal.

9. 11 Weeks Along Stomach Almost Equal To Last Stage Pregnancy


Mrs. Tucci posted her 11 weeks along stomach image which resembles to the size a mother possess at the final stage of her pregnancy. The ecstatic couple is surprised to see her five babies.

10. Excited News For the Very Happy Couple


After knowing her pregnancy, Mrs. Tucci was excited to have the possibility of twins, but later after they did not find twins instead, she is having quintuplets.

11. Sonogram Test Revealing Truth


For Kim’s satisfaction and clearer view of babies, she chose to use another sonogram test. The doctor found five heartbeats and whole world of Mrs. Tucci is going to change from a small family to a HUGE one.


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