He Starts Digging His Backyard. What He Did Next Will Make You Feel Jealous

A person with a new idea is a crank until the plan succeeds.


This man you see here couldn’t wait until he started with his own personal project shaping it up into a beautiful underground house or a hobbit hole as we can call. Let’s scroll and see for how pretty his idea turned out to be.

Treehouses are no wonder the best creation for your backyard. Ashley Yeates and Alec Wright, both 30, of Bedford made their childhood dream a reality by building a real life hobbit hole under a dead apple tree in their backyard. It blends beautifully with the entire garden but gives a real shock when you open the front door. Yeates wrote to GoodMorningAmerica.com of the eye catching creation. Both the friends work on several outdoor projects, but this one was inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy world.

He started off by digging the place he wanted the house to be constructed.


He made a great plan and laid it right just in time for the construction to begin.


He calls it a real labor of love.


Alec and Ashley turned their childhood dream into reality.


Look how wonderful it looks.


There is a no match for this backyard creation.


This J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy inspiration took almost a year to build.


Yeates say that the hobbit hole blends really well with the surrounding.


He also adds that the neighborhood kids love to play in and around it.


They say they have their eyes on more bigger projects in the future.


They have already started working on plenty more projects.


It is almost impossible to imagine building a hobbit hole under a dead apple tree.


The interior looks just fine and eye catching.


It’s a different world down in there.


They said the kids who come to play spend their entire day here.


The real life hobbit hole has just the best interior you could wish for.


Ashley added by saying that she could not wait to throw a party long before it was even completed.


They are now building more such projects enough for someone to live in full time.



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