This Is What Your Blood Group Reveals About Your Personality


Our blood has been classified into four different basic groups according to ABO blood group system. Various medical studies were involved in classifying and naming the blood types. Besides it, several types of research were done to identify the person’s personality traits according to the type of blood s/he possesses.

If you are curious to know what your personality reflects about you according to the blood type, just scroll below to identify it.

1. Blood Type AB: You are a best friend



You possess split personalities and so can be both outgoing & shy and confident & timid. You are a trustworthy person, if you promise for something, you complete it without any fail. You like helping others, and so people around find their best buddy in you.

You need to know: The beautiful Marilyn Monroe belongs to your group.



General personality traits:
Positive personality traits: Rational, introvert, empathetic and cool.
Negative personality traits: Critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

2. Blood Type B: You are intelligent and creative



If you belong to B, besides being intelligent and creative, you are a bit empathetic, introspective and emotional at the same time.

You need to know: The super star Leonardo DiCaprio shares yours group of blood.



General personality traits of all B:
Positive personality traits: Creative, passionate, animal loving and optimistic.
Negative personality traits: Irresponsible and self-focused.

3. Blood Type A: You are passionate about your dreams and desires.



You like to work independently according to your preference of time and ways. The things that drag you back are anxiety, weak immunity and stress. You generally like to accept more intellectual challenges and love utilizing your time in gaining knowledge of science and maths. A part of your brain also works in the realm of research. You put yourself on fire to achieve what you wish for.

You need to know: The man behind mass murders, Adolf Hitler also possess the blood type A.



General personality traits:
Positive personality traits: Perfectionist, patient and punctual.
Negative personality traits: Obsessive, stubborn and uptight.

4. Blood type O: You are a quality leader.



Among all the blood types, you have the best management skills. You have an excellent intuition and can manage stress in the best way. Your confidence brings you grow higher and achieve success.

You need to know: You have Queen Elizabeth II leading all you leaders.



General personality traits of all O:
Positive personality traits: Ambitious, robust, leadership and confident.
Negative personality traits: Arrogant, insensitive and ruthless.

I hope this has helped you in identifying your personality trait.



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